COVID-19 #BagTheFacts

Fear and misinformation is everywhere, and it's equally going viral.

Liquor stores are essential during this time, and people are getting crafty in quarantine. So, we've created the coloring page bags to spread the truth and creativity.

Created in collaboration with Augustina Patino, Georgia Roberts-VanNewkirk, and Samantha Powers.



Toilet paper

Old people 

6 feet 

Hand Sanitizer

Big groups 

Sneezing/ coughing



Grocery Stores

The Myths

- Exposing yourself to extreme heat, or freezing temperatures prevents coronavirus. 

- Everyone that gets coronavirus, dies from coronavirus.

- Holding your breath for 10 seconds or more without coughing or discomfort means that you are free from COVID-19.

- Drinking can prevent COVID-19. 

- Spraying alcohol or chlorine can kill the virus. 

The Truths

- Extreme heat or extreme freezing temperatures does not, in fact, kill the virus.

- You can recover from the virus, getting it does not mean you will have it for life or die from it.

- Being able to hold your breath, doesn’t mean you are free from covid-19 or any other lung disease. 

- Drinking alcohol, doesn’t protect you from the virus, and can be dangerous. 

- Spraying alcohol or chlorine can disinfect surfaces, but cannot kill a virus that has already entered your body.